Operation.....Better Me 2019

28 Day Lifestyle Challenge

Ever wondered what would happen if you got really focused and put all of your efforts into becoming a healthier, fitter, happier “you” for 4 weeks straight?

If you slept better, ate better, drank the correct amount of water, focused on your recovery, looked after your mind, were consistent with your training & surrounded yourself with a huge support network of like-minded people?

After the huge success of OBM18, it's back for a second time.

Last year over 50 people from CFOL1 took part in our first ever lifestyle challenge. The results were amazing, with many people forming lifelong healthy habits in the process.

How much progress do you think you can you make inin just 4 short weeks?

The overall goal of the challenge is to help people embed 7 different healthy habits, that will help you achieve your goals throughout the remainder of 2019.

This challenge will begin Monday 28th January and lasts for 28 days ending Sunday 24th Feb

.All people taking part will receive:

1) 2 x InBody Body Composition Scans (from Wednesday 25th Feb)

2) “Operation Better Me 2018” Facebook Support Group

3) Nutritional Guidance Download– all participants will be given a compliant & non-compliant list of foods to help you throughout the challenge.

4) Daily “7 Healthy Habits” check in, including a 28 day accountability scoring system

Body Composition Prizes for top 2 male and top 2 female improvers.

Whoever shows the most significant positive change in body composition will win:

- 1st place male and female - 1 Month free membership in March
- 2nd place male & female - 30 min Skill Specific PT Session

Cost £50

OBM 2018 Testimonials

"Super pleased with the results. Weight down, fat down, muscle up. Cough/illness gone. Boom"


8KG Down.. Buzzin!!!!


"OBM2018 came at the right time for me and was just what I needed. I'm really pleased with my results and I'm looking forward to continuing my healthy habits! thanks for the group support"

~ J.Cunningham

"Absolutely buzzin! OBM2018 has given me the encouragement I needed to make positive lifestyle changes! Well done everyone- proud of us all"


"Training felt better, stronger and faster. Long may it continue. Optimistic outlook for training moving forward with good things learnt from OBM"


"Lost over 3 kilos of fat and body fat percentage and maintained muscle mass. Really Happy with these results. Can't wait to see what more I can achieve now I have these good habits engrained Cheers for support everyone"


"I'm pleased with my 3.5kg weight loss, 3.3% body fat reduction and my 500g muscle gain. Never thought I'd stick to clean eating but I'm def keeping going. Thanks to the group It's made it easier"


"Delighted with 3.4kg weight loss and 3.6% reduction in body fat"


"This challenge is not just about our bodies it's about our total health. Mind, Body and Soul.Thanks Sam it has been good for me"


"I don't even feel like this is the last day of a challenge, I just feel like this normal life now"


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Operation Better Me
Operation Better Me
Operation Better Me
Operation Better Me
Operation Better Me
Operation Better Me