One Rep Max Testing Week

by CrossFit OL1
One Rep Max Testing Week

One Rep Max Testing Week

Next week, starting Monday 5th Jan we get to find out what our one rep max is. Over the next 8 weeks we focus primarily on major strength movements.

After our recent programming of 5x5 and 5x3 you all should now have a fairly good idea of what your 5 rep and 3 rep maxes are on various exercises.

One Rep Max testing week creates personal records that are encouraging and exciting and allows us to plan for strength developments in the next cycle of the programming. Because this is a very intense form of lifting and you're literally lifting the most you can lift in one attempt, it is important that you listen to your coaches (as most of you all do anyway) and take precautions to ensure you get the most out of this as well as staying injury free.

1. NEVER sacrifice form to get PR. If you're sacrificing form, WE WILL call you on it. You have all worked really hard on your form over the past 8 weeks, and have always made it your priority, don't lose it now.

2. One Rep Max is different than sets of 5’s and 3’s weve been doing recently, both physically as well as mentally. A one Rep Max is only about a 3 second effort. So that you can provide focus and energy toward the movement, think of something that gets you switched on, be sure that as you approach the bar you are in the correct frame of mind (avoiding your mates can sometimes be more beneficial – sorry Andy and Ash)

3. Be sure to breath! Take a deep massive breath before you lift and hold it the during the difficult part of the lift, this will help to keep your core tight and your body in the proper powerful position during the lift.

4. There will be a STRICT THREE MISS RULE! If you miss a lift of the same weight 3 times, your previous weight is your 1 Rep Max and it's time to move on to the next lift or call it a day.

5. If you are hesitant or have questions about anything, please ask your trainer. 

CrossFit OL1 TESTING WEEK: Starts Monday 5th January 2015.

On some days next week, there will be NO metcon (WOD) or conditioning component. You will have a full hour to warm up and work on your lifts.

If you think you won't be getting a good workout .. I promise you will! You will understand and reap the benefits afterward. Your Central Nervous System (CNS) fatigue is extremely high for 1 RM efforts. If you think about it, your attempting to lift something so heavy that you might only be able to do once. It is important that you eat well before after your lifts and allow for proper recovery, so you can do it again a few days later……battle oats bar and a starbucks coffee ;-)

Please do your best to show up for each of the 1 RM lifting days and make sure that you record you scores throughout the whole program. Knowing these numbers is a great tool for our everyday training. These numbers will also directly translate into the next phase of our programming.

Please let me know if you have any questions – see you all soon


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