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The coaches at CrossFit OL1 come from diverse athletic backgrounds and professional experience, but we all share common goals and aspirations as coaches, we care about you, your progress and your experience as a CrossFitter. Our passion and commitment to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals is what separates us from other gyms.

Our goal is to understand every member and your specific fitness goals, and strive to provide the training, education, support and motivation to meet these goals. As a coaching staff, we are committed to pursuing excellence and pushing you to thrive and achieve your fitness goals. We are invested in taking care of you and take pride in helping you to enjoy life, and to prepare you for any task, obstacle, hurdle or challenge life may throw at you.

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Meet The Team

Sam Touil

Sam Touil

Trainer / Founder

Sam has competed in a variety of different sports throughout his life, including gymnastics, rugby league and triathlon to name a few.Training, exercising and competing from a young age, he has tried and tested almost every method of training out there, then he was introduced to Crossfit in 2010 and since then has never looked back.

He has worked as a PE teacher since 2007 and also became a qualified gym instructor, nutritional advisor, level 3 personal trainer in 2011 and then went on to set up his successful Fitness, Strength & Conditioning company - 'Fitness Factory'. Now an experienced CrossFitter and qualified CrossFit Trainer, he has coached various people from all walks of life, and has guided and motivated them to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

"CrossFit OL1 is a combination of everything that I have achieved and experienced throughout my life in exercise and sport. Owning my own gym is something that I have always dreamt about, and now, with the unconditional help and support from some amazing people in my life, I am the proud founder of CrossFit OL1. ...a perfect opportunity for a cheesy quote - share your passion and live your dream"
Natalie Sandiford

Natalie Sandiford


Natalie started CrossFit at Train Manchester and quickly found a new passion. She comes from a dancing background, but has been involved in the fitness industry since 2006. She has a wealth of coaching and instructing experience, working full time as a Fitness manager, and splitting her free time between personal training, writing athlete specific nutritional plans and coaching CrossFit. She recently competed in her first powerlifting meet and plans on getting stuck into more competitions in the future though currently she is working towards her Olympic Coaching qualification.

Natalie’s unique and fun coaching style never fails to put a smile on athletes’ faces. Her outgoing and approachable persona ensures that any athlete would feel comfortable asking her for advice. However just be warned, her camera phone and a Facebook post are never far away!

"Having spent so much of my working life in and around the fitness environment, I can claim first hand that there is nothing else out there like CrossFit. From elite athletes to first time pensioners, everyone can participate and benefit. Whether you’ve trained all your life or have never even stepped foot in a gym before you’ll experience a sense of community and build friendships that makes you feel like you’ve inherited a second family. The rush of excitement and surge of adrenaline as the 3, 2, 1 count sounds…Never experienced it? You should, and I promise you, you’ll never want to leave!!"
More coach details coming soon!

Our training space

Our facility is situated in the heart of Oldham, with easy access from most major roads leading into the town centre. The unit, built in the late 1800s, is what used to be the old engine house of the Hartford old Works machinery manufacturers. The facility, which has tonnes of natural light and 2500sqft of training space, has a very unique feel as many of the original features still remain in the building, including a fully functioning manual crane, which will be used as one of our benchmark workouts.

In our facility, you will not see any mirrors, treadmills, cross-trainers, saunas and jacuzzis, You will no longer be using pieces of purpose built gym equipment designed to tone and build your biceps, triceps or pectoral muscles. Instead you will be using functional training equipment such as a state of the art training rig, bumper plates and olympic lifting bars, kettlebells, ropes, gymnastic rings and plyometric boxes.

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